Apple Whore (kylefuetzvater) wrote in singsindigital,
Apple Whore

Okay so If I'm going to ask others to do this...

Nom de Net Whatcha wannabe called: D will suffice, Diana though will often get a response.

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: Uhh just about everything hence my creating the community....

What is/are your Musical Interest(s): Performing; Jazz, Classical, Modern, composition

What Musical Training (if any) do you have: Ten Years of Viola, Five Years of private study on the instrument, Six months of flute, two years of basic piano, Two years of guitar, one year Music Theory, One year ear training, One year music history, principal violist in high school orchestra three years in a row, principal violist in college orchestra one year, principal violist in jazz ensemble.

What is/are your computer interests: HTML, web development, programming, scripting, Apple, iMac

What Computer training (if any) do you have: I always joke I have an Apple I don't need much. I have Basic HTML skills, fairly proficient keyboarder, designing my various LJ's (I have produced a number of communities)

What is your favorite website related to Musical Technology: Dunno...There's so many, Apple's official site, , Strings Magazine

Whattaya wannabe when you grow up: Well My degree program is a double major in English education and Creative writing. Plus I'm learning guitar and midi....So you figure out what the heck I'm gonna be when I grow up.

Software: Printmusic by Coda, iTunes, Quicktime, and I recently lost my sound editing software.

Hardware: 2000 Ruby iMac running OS 9.0.4

Future hardware: Looking to someday get an iBook or TiBook with the combo drive, though likely to get a G4 tower sooner than I thought... wee new gear always fun....
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