Tejano Samsquanch (amp23) wrote in singsindigital,
Tejano Samsquanch

i got the sickness!

being a gear junkie today. just downloaded 55 more synthesizers for cubase (on top of the 65 nabbed on saturday) along with another 15-20 FX plugins. With so many freeware plugins of such great variety and quality, it's hard to believe companies are out there selling this shit.

all total i've saved about $100,000 in gear that no longer has to be bought. now all i gotta do is go buy that 24bit/96K audio interface and it'll simultaneously upgrade all 220 or so virtual machines in the "rack". people who balk at the Cubase pricetag amuse me...if they only knew...

for folx who can use VSTi's and like ambient weirdness, i can't recommend Elogoxa's 'Sun Ra' highly enough. throw it random progressions, tap keys rhythmically, kick back and listen to this beauty go off. 3 clicks to unique sci-fi/quasi-musical soundscapes.

in other news, Reason 2.5 should be out next month! a free FX upgrade for registered users. new in this bag of goodies: pro reverb, 4to512 band vocoder/EQ, insane distortion engine, unison effect, and a new CV/Audio mult/hub that will allow more complex routing chains.
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