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Hello SoundPhiles

Hello Community of Sound Architects, Pioneers, Engineers....

Nom de Net (Whatcha wannabe called): Mayhem

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: As a kid, I realized I wanted to play not just one instrument, but I wanted to be the whole orchestra. When I was introduced to computer music (first in Cool Edit + Sound Forge) and later, to digital signal processing (first in CSound), I realized that these machines had the power to be a kind of meta-instrument, unlimited in its power.

What is/are your musical interest(s): Creating sound/music experiments, combining sound works with video works, creating, creating, creating...listening, listening, listening....some of my focus is in the tools at the moment, as it is a steep learning curve for me. I started doing sound experiments in art school, and I am working to use these tools in conceptual ways.

What musical training (if any) do you have: Piano lessons, have played in orchestras, bands, jazz, pit orchestras-have experience on all woodwinds and can play most of them very well (lessons ad nauseam) Like to mess around with violins. Have been in punk bands, math rock bands, death metal bands, industrial bands, playing everything from guitar, bass to kegs, brass bedframes, guttural screaming....even a little bit of work on an old Moog synthesizer!

What is/are your computer interests: Learning musical programming languages, Photoshop, Premiere, any kind of digital sound and image production, editing, creation, digital art/web design, video games......

What computer training (if any) do you have: Lots of training with my co-conspirator, who is the uber-computer-nerd; currently, I am learning HTML and Flash, music software.

What is your favorite website related to musical technology: Public CSound Manual and

Software: CSound, PureData, MaxMSP, Gem, SuperCollider, SoundForge, Cakewalk

Hardware: Alienware Area 51 laptop (Conspiracy Green)....
Fender, Gallien-Kruger, Ampeg cabinets, Old-School Peavy Tube Head, Aim Bass Head, Gibson SG copy guitar, Gibson and Kawai basses, lots o' trashy keyboards, flute, piccolo, violins, oboe, sax, mini accordian....anything that generates interesting sound.

Future hardware: M-Audio Omni Studio ( and a Linux box (for SuperCollider in a non-Mac environment)
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