Only a malcontent who knows how to spell. (roguevla) wrote in singsindigital,
Only a malcontent who knows how to spell.

Aww look it's a bouncing baby Community!

comps_and_arrs is a community for people who are creating New Musical works, or forming old work into New works.
We welcome Professionals and amateurs.
Whether you regularly write parts out for a symphony, or just transcribe a tune you love to an instrument you play.
All sizes, and forms welcome.
Discussion of new products to help us in our work/hobbies is welcome.
Help with music theory would also be welcome.
Bad jokes that make you groan also welcome.
Pretty much anything linkable to composing or arranging music goes.

The interest list so far: (Will welcome suggestions of things to add)

arrangements, art, bass, brass, cello, classical music, coda, composition, drums, duets, electric bass, finale, garage band, midi, movies, music, music history, music theory, musicals, octets, orchestras, original music, percussion, piano, pop music, print music, quartets, quintets, sextets, sheet music, singers, software, symphonies, timpani, trios, trumpets, tubas, viola, violin, woodwinds.
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