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hello [23 Jul 2005|08:04pm]

Hello, I'm in the market for my first mp3 player, and I've narrowed it down to 2. I want a 20GB, either a Dell DJ or a Creative Zen Touch. I just wanted some general opinions on both, especially the Dell DJ (cause with the Zen Touch I've read the customer reviews on Amazon). Which one is most likely not to break? Easiest to use? Best buy for the money? Which has better customer service? $200 is a lot of money to spend on something like this, so I really want to pick one that will last me at least 5-10 years.

Also, if anyone can tell me if there's any impending releases of new 20GB players that are in a color other than silver, I'd much rather wait to buy one in red :)

Thank you in advance for any advice!
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[16 Mar 2005|07:32pm]

If anyone has the music program Finale, I've created a community for anyone who has questions. This is mostly a help forum, so if you have questions, go join.

Sorry if you don't allow promoting communities, but I think this community is beneficial for this community.

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[25 Dec 2004|08:38pm]

Hello, everyone. I just joined this community. =)
My name is Steve and I live in So. Cal.
I just had a question about the i-river mp3 players.
I'm looking into buying a i-River H320 20GB mp3 player probalby tomorrow or on monday. (it's on sale and I just received a best buy gift card with 100 bucks in it! w00t). I've been wanting to buy this model for foreeevver.
I know that it has the ability to store and access digital photos but does anyone know if you can set things up so that a certain picture can be displayed while a certain song is playing?
Ex: the picture of ur favorite band when their songs are being played.
thanks for ur help.
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From CD To???? [26 May 2004|01:23pm]

I have a collection of over 300 CDs which currently sit in a box not being listened to.
I want to convert these CDs to some form of digital library.
MP3 appears to be the most widely supported format but is it likely to soon be replaced?
I don't want to encode all my CD's to MP3 to then find that I have to encode them again to a new format to use with a mobile device.
I have a Sony netMinidisc player. It appears that the only way for me to use the system is to use the Sony software which either 'rips' the CD's directly or imports from MP3. If it imports then I end up using twice the storage space.
What solutions are people using for their own digital music?
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[26 Apr 2004|01:36pm]
hey, i'm new here, had an mp3 player question.

i just got an ipod for my 18th birthday only to find out that it only works with windows 2000 or XP. i have a laptop with windows ME and apparently it won't support XP...and getting 2000 will cost like $300 which is a lot to spend just for an ipod....

so, in light of all that, i think i may have to just return the ipod and get a different mp3 player. i'm looking for one very similar to the ipod -- the most important thing is that it's small, and i want one with a lot of space, i.e. at least 10 gig. i read some reviews online but even the highest-rated ones had mixed reviews....the ones that stood out were the creative labs nomad extra, the rio karma, and the iRiver iHP-120. any thoughts on those or any other mp3 players that you guys would recommend would be really helpful. thanks!
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[25 Apr 2004|03:35am]

Hello, all. I just joined and have a question. I'm looking for a CD/MP3 player combo. A few months ago, I was considering a Rio Sport, or something like that, but after just reading some Amazon.com reviews, I decided against it. Which player do you recommend? Thanks. :-)
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Aww look it's a bouncing baby Community! [24 Feb 2004|12:05am]

comps_and_arrs is a community for people who are creating New Musical works, or forming old work into New works.
We welcome Professionals and amateurs.
Whether you regularly write parts out for a symphony, or just transcribe a tune you love to an instrument you play.
All sizes, and forms welcome.
Discussion of new products to help us in our work/hobbies is welcome.
Help with music theory would also be welcome.
Bad jokes that make you groan also welcome.
Pretty much anything linkable to composing or arranging music goes.

The interest list so far: (Will welcome suggestions of things to add)

arrangements, art, bass, brass, cello, classical music, coda, composition, drums, duets, electric bass, finale, garage band, midi, movies, music, music history, music theory, musicals, octets, orchestras, original music, percussion, piano, pop music, print music, quartets, quintets, sextets, sheet music, singers, software, symphonies, timpani, trios, trumpets, tubas, viola, violin, woodwinds.
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This is the moderator... [21 Jan 2004|10:44pm]

With a new name and sadly neglectful of some of my moderating duties...

good to see there's been some discussion here at least...

But here's hoping to throw a little more into the pool.

First off...
I had a wonderful experience about a week ago. I went to my first big rock concert and it was David Bowie. lot of fun, a lot of great playing with sound and video screens. any one else want to share similar experiences here?

With Mac World now finished who else is excited about GarageBand? Who can't wait to Build their own loops? Who's already started?
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M-Audio [22 Nov 2003|10:16am]

[ mood | confused ]

We are having a bit of a situation with a USB AudioSport Duo with windowsXP, so if anybody out there knows anything--
Here's the issue:

We have a very minimal audio file (sine waves that mimic the sound of wineglasses being played) and no matter what interface it is played through (SoundForge, QuickTime, WMPlayer, etc. etc. it has an accompanying video piece) the audio has these irritating popping noises. They appear at random and we've tried everything-turning off all miscellaneous programs in the background, new drivers, etc.etc. and nothing is fixing it. We are pretty sure at this point that it is the Duo, as the audio files sound clean (as far as we can tell, over processor fan) through headphones and the popping is random.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Hello SoundPhiles [04 Nov 2003|06:20pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello Community of Sound Architects, Pioneers, Engineers....

Nom de Net (Whatcha wannabe called): Mayhem

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: As a kid, I realized I wanted to play not just one instrument, but I wanted to be the whole orchestra. When I was introduced to computer music (first in Cool Edit + Sound Forge) and later, to digital signal processing (first in CSound), I realized that these machines had the power to be a kind of meta-instrument, unlimited in its power.

What is/are your musical interest(s): Creating sound/music experiments, combining sound works with video works, creating, creating, creating...listening, listening, listening....some of my focus is in the tools at the moment, as it is a steep learning curve for me. I started doing sound experiments in art school, and I am working to use these tools in conceptual ways.

What musical training (if any) do you have: Piano lessons, have played in orchestras, bands, jazz, pit orchestras-have experience on all woodwinds and can play most of them very well (lessons ad nauseam) Like to mess around with violins. Have been in punk bands, math rock bands, death metal bands, industrial bands, playing everything from guitar, bass to kegs, brass bedframes, guttural screaming....even a little bit of work on an old Moog synthesizer!

What is/are your computer interests: Learning musical programming languages, Photoshop, Premiere, any kind of digital sound and image production, editing, creation, digital art/web design, video games......

What computer training (if any) do you have: Lots of training with my co-conspirator, who is the uber-computer-nerd; currently, I am learning HTML and Flash, music software.

What is your favorite website related to musical technology: Public CSound Manual http://www.lakewoodsound.com/csound/hypertext/manual.htm and http://8thstreet.com/

Software: CSound, PureData, MaxMSP, Gem, SuperCollider, SoundForge, Cakewalk

Hardware: Alienware Area 51 laptop (Conspiracy Green)....
Fender, Gallien-Kruger, Ampeg cabinets, Old-School Peavy Tube Head, Aim Bass Head, Gibson SG copy guitar, Gibson and Kawai basses, lots o' trashy keyboards, flute, piccolo, violins, oboe, sax, mini accordian....anything that generates interesting sound.

Future hardware: M-Audio Omni Studio (www.m-audio.com) and a Linux box (for SuperCollider in a non-Mac environment)

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i got the sickness! [25 Mar 2003|11:54am]

being a gear junkie today. just downloaded 55 more synthesizers for cubase (on top of the 65 nabbed on saturday) along with another 15-20 FX plugins. With so many freeware plugins of such great variety and quality, it's hard to believe companies are out there selling this shit.

all total i've saved about $100,000 in gear that no longer has to be bought. now all i gotta do is go buy that 24bit/96K audio interface and it'll simultaneously upgrade all 220 or so virtual machines in the "rack". people who balk at the Cubase pricetag amuse me...if they only knew...

for folx who can use VSTi's and like ambient weirdness, i can't recommend Elogoxa's 'Sun Ra' highly enough. throw it random progressions, tap keys rhythmically, kick back and listen to this beauty go off. 3 clicks to unique sci-fi/quasi-musical soundscapes.

in other news, Reason 2.5 should be out next month! a free FX upgrade for registered users. new in this bag of goodies: pro reverb, 4to512 band vocoder/EQ, insane distortion engine, unison effect, and a new CV/Audio mult/hub that will allow more complex routing chains.
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[23 Nov 2002|11:17am]

New Sample uploaded: "Experiment 01", "The Machine"

SoundClick Now!

New "Experiment 01" Stream Sample: http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=163841&q=Hi

New "The Machine" Stream Sample: http://www.soundclick.com/util/streamM3U.m3u?ID=163868&q=Hi
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[03 Nov 2002|12:45am]
people...If you need musical gear and don't mind feeding a dying evil empire....Mars is in chapter eleven bankruptcy most locations are Closing...with ten to thirty percent off lowest pricetags.... they gotta get rid of everything so...deals are to be had...
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another introductory message [22 Oct 2002|06:18pm]

Nom de Net (Whatcha wannabe called): devafall, misha, whatever.

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: Composing, recording and performing music. Okay, that's a pretty lax answer, isn't it? Simply, I guess I'm interested in manifesting the music I hear in my head, which would otherwise require me to be about twelve different people, each one a multi-instrumentalist.

What is/are your musical interest(s): Pretty much everything... literally. I'm one of those people who works (or used to) at the record store and answers other employees' obscure questions. I listen to everything from ambient to hardcore punk to classical to Celtic folk to pop, with nary a breath in between; my tastes are discriminating, but eclectic, I guess.

What musical training (if any) do you have: Some guitar training, including a stint in a local rock band.

What is/are your computer interests: Music, web design, graphic art, communication, and just playing around.

What computer training (if any) do you have: Largely self-taught, but I've been using them since 1985, so...

What is your favorite website related to musical technology: I don't really have one yet. This is still a new adventure for me.

Software: Right now I'm learning Reason 2.0 from Propellerhead Software, which is all kinds of fun.

Hardware: A souped-up Apple G3, various guitars and amps.

Future hardware: Keyboard, some way of recording voices and other live sounds digitally, and either an iMac or a G4.
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getting to know you... [22 Oct 2002|01:43pm]

hi folks, a friend passed this comm on to me and it looked to be right up my alley, so here's my introduction post...

Nom de Net Whatcha wannabe called: amp, Ghestahdt, sam, whatever

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: Digital technology has brought the cost of production so low that it is becoming more possible every day to compete with the established "Label" pyramid scheme. aside from proselytizing about it, I'd like to work in music/sound for films and games as well as experiment in how music/vibration effects consciousness and the world around us.

What is/are your Musical Interest(s): Performing: jazz bass, theremin, berimbau, drums; synthesis, mixing, analog/digital hybrids, public domain, foundsound, culture jamming, re-spinning media, chaos, glitch, noise, fixing copyright law. Lately my history of pop class has gotten me interested in ragtime which i've started playing with. I have a long standing interest in dub, industrial, experimental composition, and sound systems.

What Musical Training (if any) do you have: 6 years trombone, 2 years self-study in bass, 1 year in berimbau. currently working toward a degree in Commercial Music Management and hoping to transfer into a Sound Recording Technology program.

What is/are your computer interests: sound engineering, software synths and equipment simulation, open source software, open wireless networks, stuck in windows hell waiting for people to write professional Unix sound software. worked in QA for 6 years testing games and p2p network software.

What Computer training (if any) do you have: cut my teeth on an Apple II+ in the 80's where i fell in love with peeking and poking sounds out of it. entered the PC age in 92 where i got into BBS, got started on the 'net in 94. Had computer classes from middle school through college, though i learned the most hanging out with geeks and running boards

What is your favorite website related to Musical Technology: Creamware makes me drool. the SIDstation by Elektron is awesome. I love DIY stuff and wish i could afford everything by PAIA and QKits. and while i've never touched a turntable, i think the finalscratch system is great.

Whattaya wannabe when you grow up: I'm hoping not to grow up if i can help it, but i would eventually like to make stable income as a producer, engineer, and studio owner

Software: Reason 2.0, Sonar 2.0, Seq-303, SubBastard, Acid Pro 2.0, Sound Forge 4.5, CD Architect, Accoustic Mirror, FX plugins, Easy CD Creator, DX synths

Hardware: 1Ghz Athlon tower w/ ADAT interface and SB Audigy card, 850Mhz sony VAIO, SIDstation, Korg KAOSS pad, ADAT w/ Studio24 mixer, nanoverb, nanocompressor, FX pedals (dist, chorus, delay), GMEDIA PhatBoy, in the rack i have a 6 channel mixer, tube based stack emulator, tube mic pre's, and a vocal zapper all built from kit.

Future hardware: RME Hammerfall DSP is the big prize for taking my studio from ADAT to HD recording as well as going mobile. after that more kits: vocoder, power amp, noise gate, more verbs and FX, an extigy for the laptop
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Fine. I'll do it this way, too. [16 Oct 2002|08:11pm]

[ mood | I hate homework ]

Nom de Net Whatcha wannabe called: Zelda or Vasilissa; I'll respond to either.

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: I never got over wanting to be Cosey Fanni Tutti (not the opera), I like vocoders, and I like Industrial Music.

What is/are you r Musical Interest(s): Performing, composition, '80s-early '90s Industrial, Europop, Opera, Synthpop, Medieval/Rennaisance balladry.

What Musical Training (if any) do you have: 11 years of piano, 7 years of private study (inc. Theory and Ear Training; th e former went to absolute waste), 6 months of clarinet, about 4 years choral singing and 2 years opera training.

What is/are your computer interests: web design, graphic design, being annoying online, doing homework, music.

What Computer training (if any) do you have: I can do HTML, some Java, keep my Mac happy, and evidently was handy with a Bell Labs' proprietary UNIX when I was little. I just got a new computer which I'm learning to use.

What is your favorite website related to Musical Technology: Korg. I'm a masochist.

Whattaya wannabe when you grow up: An English Lit. professor/married to an appetizing Englishman.

Software: Cakewalk (which I can't figure out) and some other thing that a friend of mine copied for me.

Hardware (this time I checked!): AMD Athalon XP 2200+ proc., 512 RAM, 80 g. ADM HD, SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum soundcard, (computer runs SUSE Linux/Windows 2000; god forgive me), Korg Triton Pro X, etc..

Future Hardware: ProTools and the godMac they'll come out with in 10 years. In my sweetest dreams..

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[15 Oct 2002|10:52pm]
Courtesy of Strings Magazine October 2002 issue

Joshua Bell admits it: He's always loved technology. "Computers, video games, special effects," he says, "for me, it's all fun. I like playing around with new possibilities, so when it comes to technology and music—well, let's just say I have a pretty open mind."
An open mind. Anyone attempting to unite the magic of modern technology with the glories of classical music would have to have an open mind, as the classical music world is notoriously suspicious of newfangled inventions and other "improvements."

But if anyone can change the world, it's Bell.

Legend has it that Bell, 34, received his first violin before the age of five, after his parents noticed his habit of stretching rubber bands over the handles of dresser drawers, plucking and strumming the self-designed "instruments" to make his own, brand-new kind of string music. That knack for tinkering is probably at the root of Bell's interest in modern technology, which has found a place in his current work with composer Tod Machover at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, Bell is helping Machover—who the Los Angeles Times has called "America's most wired composer"—to develop a series of high-tech instruments and musical toys designed to stimulate children's interest in music performance and composition. The MIT team hopes that the three-year project will radically change the way children are introduced to music.
"I go up there regularly and work with the grad students at the Media Lab," Bell eagerly explains. "I do love technology, and I love computers, so it's fun to be involved with that."

Bell is especially fond of a new MIT instrument called the hyperviolin. Developed at the fabled Media Lab, the hyperviolin is an electric violin played with a supersensitive electronic bow and connected to a computer capable of creating what Bell calls, "really neat effects" and even sounding like a human voice. "The bow is able to pick up all kinds of information about how I'm playing," he explains. "Eventually, what we want to do is to have that information be used so that it sounds very organic and seamless. I will be able to do different things to the bow that will change subtle colors in the electronics, in the same way that doing subtle things with a standard bow will change the colors on a regular instrument."

Full article can be found here.
Very cool stuff....Unfortunately they don't have the picture of the "hyperviolin" on the page....
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Okay so If I'm going to ask others to do this... [15 Oct 2002|10:23pm]
Nom de Net Whatcha wannabe called: D will suffice, Diana though will often get a response.

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: Uhh just about everything hence my creating the community....

What is/are your Musical Interest(s): Performing; Jazz, Classical, Modern, composition

What Musical Training (if any) do you have: Ten Years of Viola, Five Years of private study on the instrument, Six months of flute, two years of basic piano, Two years of guitar, one year Music Theory, One year ear training, One year music history, principal violist in high school orchestra three years in a row, principal violist in college orchestra one year, principal violist in jazz ensemble.

What is/are your computer interests: HTML, web development, programming, scripting, Apple, iMac

What Computer training (if any) do you have: I always joke I have an Apple I don't need much. I have Basic HTML skills, fairly proficient keyboarder, designing my various LJ's (I have produced a number of communities)

What is your favorite website related to Musical Technology: Dunno...There's so many, Apple's official site, NIN.com , Strings Magazine

Whattaya wannabe when you grow up: Well My degree program is a double major in English education and Creative writing. Plus I'm learning guitar and midi....So you figure out what the heck I'm gonna be when I grow up.

Software: Printmusic by Coda, iTunes, Quicktime, and I recently lost my sound editing software.

Hardware: 2000 Ruby iMac running OS 9.0.4

Future hardware: Looking to someday get an iBook or TiBook with the combo drive, though likely to get a G4 tower sooner than I thought... wee new gear always fun....
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Introduction... [15 Oct 2002|10:19am]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hi, everyone!

The moderator asked for introductions. :) Given the theme of the community, I'll post only a little bit about me and then get into some geekery.

I'm imagining that I'm relatively old for this sort of community (I'm 30), but I'm still in a lot of ways a beginner. I've always had a great passion for music, but I first got involved in making music in mid-highschool when I started to rent some samplers -- a Korg DSS-1 and later an E-Mu EMAX. I bought a Roland MPU-401 MIDI box, and had some DOS sequencing software. In my final year of highschool, I got my first real owned-by-myself sampler -- an E-Mu EMAX II. Some friends and I wrote maybe a dozen songs or so, most only half-complete, and we played a couple of live shows as part of a 13-14 person performance art ensemble hastily thrown together literally within 24 hours before the shows. Then I went away to University, and somehow a lot of that stuff got shelved.

Years later, I'd dragged all this equipment with me from place to place through my life, but never got around to doing anything. Unfortunately, some of it got damaged over time, and when I finally decided to open that book, so to speak, again, I had to get new equipment. I went through some weird stages to get to the point I'm at now, spending a lot of time using weird software and weird operating systems, but I have a pretty straightforward setup now.

I'm using emagic Logic Audio Gold 4.x on a dual 1GHz PowerMac G4. I also use BIAS Peak, emagic SoundDiver, Native Instruments Reaktor and Native Instruments Battery, as far as software goes. I have an emagic AMT8 MIDI interface and MOTU 828 audio interface. For external gear I have an E-Mu E4X sampler and an E-Mu Planet Earth world music synth, with a Roland A-33 controller keyboard.

As for what I *do* with this stuff, the answer is that most of the time I just noodle around. It's definitely a hobby for me, and one that I often don't have anywhere near enough time to pay attention to. Last fall when I finally got all of this set up, I started working on a new EP, to be the first completed project since way back in highschool. I've gotten three songs complete, and a couple of candidates for the fourth are sort of half-done, but I've been letting it stagnate for a while now (I guess it's been almost a year). I'm hoping to regain some inspiration soon, and have recently started working on ideas again. Maybe this community can help. :) The biggest challenge has been learning to work alone, because I get myself 'stuck' and I'm used to having lots of other people around to get unstuck. Strategies for working through writer's block are very much welcome. I've picked up a freeware computer version of The Oblique Strategies, which I'm hoping might help. I have to start consulting it more often. ;)

Here are the three songs that I had so far, to give an idea of the kind of things I've been doing lately:


Anyway, I hope to hear from other people joining this place soon! Forgive the goofy tone of this post -- I'm always nervous posting things up for new people.

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[15 Oct 2002|01:29am]
welcome to Sings in Digital,

a community for Digital Music in all possible forms.

please feel free to post a message of introduction and let the members know a little something about you.
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