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Fine. I'll do it this way, too.

Nom de Net Whatcha wannabe called: Zelda or Vasilissa; I'll respond to either.

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: I never got over wanting to be Cosey Fanni Tutti (not the opera), I like vocoders, and I like Industrial Music.

What is/are you r Musical Interest(s): Performing, composition, '80s-early '90s Industrial, Europop, Opera, Synthpop, Medieval/Rennaisance balladry.

What Musical Training (if any) do you have: 11 years of piano, 7 years of private study (inc. Theory and Ear Training; th e former went to absolute waste), 6 months of clarinet, about 4 years choral singing and 2 years opera training.

What is/are your computer interests: web design, graphic design, being annoying online, doing homework, music.

What Computer training (if any) do you have: I can do HTML, some Java, keep my Mac happy, and evidently was handy with a Bell Labs' proprietary UNIX when I was little. I just got a new computer which I'm learning to use.

What is your favorite website related to Musical Technology: Korg. I'm a masochist.

Whattaya wannabe when you grow up: An English Lit. professor/married to an appetizing Englishman.

Software: Cakewalk (which I can't figure out) and some other thing that a friend of mine copied for me.

Hardware (this time I checked!): AMD Athalon XP 2200+ proc., 512 RAM, 80 g. ADM HD, SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum soundcard, (computer runs SUSE Linux/Windows 2000; god forgive me), Korg Triton Pro X, etc..

Future Hardware: ProTools and the godMac they'll come out with in 10 years. In my sweetest dreams..
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I'm a masochist.

Wrong community for that dear....


Sorry Buddy....