Tejano Samsquanch (amp23) wrote in singsindigital,
Tejano Samsquanch

getting to know you...

hi folks, a friend passed this comm on to me and it looked to be right up my alley, so here's my introduction post...

Nom de Net Whatcha wannabe called: amp, Ghestahdt, sam, whatever

What is/are your interest(s) in Digital Music: Digital technology has brought the cost of production so low that it is becoming more possible every day to compete with the established "Label" pyramid scheme. aside from proselytizing about it, I'd like to work in music/sound for films and games as well as experiment in how music/vibration effects consciousness and the world around us.

What is/are your Musical Interest(s): Performing: jazz bass, theremin, berimbau, drums; synthesis, mixing, analog/digital hybrids, public domain, foundsound, culture jamming, re-spinning media, chaos, glitch, noise, fixing copyright law. Lately my history of pop class has gotten me interested in ragtime which i've started playing with. I have a long standing interest in dub, industrial, experimental composition, and sound systems.

What Musical Training (if any) do you have: 6 years trombone, 2 years self-study in bass, 1 year in berimbau. currently working toward a degree in Commercial Music Management and hoping to transfer into a Sound Recording Technology program.

What is/are your computer interests: sound engineering, software synths and equipment simulation, open source software, open wireless networks, stuck in windows hell waiting for people to write professional Unix sound software. worked in QA for 6 years testing games and p2p network software.

What Computer training (if any) do you have: cut my teeth on an Apple II+ in the 80's where i fell in love with peeking and poking sounds out of it. entered the PC age in 92 where i got into BBS, got started on the 'net in 94. Had computer classes from middle school through college, though i learned the most hanging out with geeks and running boards

What is your favorite website related to Musical Technology: Creamware makes me drool. the SIDstation by Elektron is awesome. I love DIY stuff and wish i could afford everything by PAIA and QKits. and while i've never touched a turntable, i think the finalscratch system is great.

Whattaya wannabe when you grow up: I'm hoping not to grow up if i can help it, but i would eventually like to make stable income as a producer, engineer, and studio owner

Software: Reason 2.0, Sonar 2.0, Seq-303, SubBastard, Acid Pro 2.0, Sound Forge 4.5, CD Architect, Accoustic Mirror, FX plugins, Easy CD Creator, DX synths

Hardware: 1Ghz Athlon tower w/ ADAT interface and SB Audigy card, 850Mhz sony VAIO, SIDstation, Korg KAOSS pad, ADAT w/ Studio24 mixer, nanoverb, nanocompressor, FX pedals (dist, chorus, delay), GMEDIA PhatBoy, in the rack i have a 6 channel mixer, tube based stack emulator, tube mic pre's, and a vocal zapper all built from kit.

Future hardware: RME Hammerfall DSP is the big prize for taking my studio from ADAT to HD recording as well as going mobile. after that more kits: vocoder, power amp, noise gate, more verbs and FX, an extigy for the laptop
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