The Black Chatters (audio_animatron) wrote in singsindigital,
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We are having a bit of a situation with a USB AudioSport Duo with windowsXP, so if anybody out there knows anything--
Here's the issue:

We have a very minimal audio file (sine waves that mimic the sound of wineglasses being played) and no matter what interface it is played through (SoundForge, QuickTime, WMPlayer, etc. etc. it has an accompanying video piece) the audio has these irritating popping noises. They appear at random and we've tried everything-turning off all miscellaneous programs in the background, new drivers, etc.etc. and nothing is fixing it. We are pretty sure at this point that it is the Duo, as the audio files sound clean (as far as we can tell, over processor fan) through headphones and the popping is random.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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